Advisory & Consultation Phase:

Disciplines Working Unit [Group C]

Focal Points: Creation & Production


5th November 2020



Elaine Falzon







Daniela Blagojevic

* The Advisory Group is made up of representatives from Public Cultural Organisations, Beneficiaries of Investment in Cultural

Organisations & the Gozo Cultural Support Programme, Festivals, Public Entities, Associations & Organisations, Lobby Groups, Cultural

Operators (Management, Education, Communities), Beneficiaries of the Malta Arts Fund Special Call, and Participants of the ACMlab

Special Series & Arts Reboot Series.


Session Outcomes:

The following suggestions and/or solutions for the Cultural and Creative Sectors were outlined and shared by sector stakeholders during the Advisory Group session:

  • Organisations are faced with the necessity of adapting their practices online while exploring new opportunities, including reaching new audiences and creating artwork driven by isolation. It is a uniquely challenging time for the sector, a time when artists are torn between a need for reflection and a need for action.


  • There is a need to ensure that the digital sphere also addresses the needs of creatives in particular small, independent groups. Technology can facilitate collaboration and needs to be further developed to enable improvement of the online performance experience. The arts sector still needs to exploit technology and to instigate a conversation on using technology for its benefit and to reach wider audiences. While embracing technology, the limitations of the ‘flat-screen’ need to be acknowledged.


  • Digital means have presented new opportunities in terms of access to international platforms, organisations and peers, which should be used to the sector’s benefit in terms of collaboration, training, improved connections and exchange.


  • An evaluation needs to be made on the digital-divide and the sectors, artists and audiences being left behind in this digital transition. Accessibility, access and ability to use technology should not be underestimated.


  • Digital skills are crucial for the arts sector; this is a continuous process of learning, unlearning and relearning that is to be acknowledged and supported.