Advisory & Consultation Phase:

Events Working Unit [Group C]

Focal Points: Audiences & Collaborators 


4th November 2020



Quinton Scerri





Marta Vella


Kit Azzopardi

* The Advisory Group is made up of representatives from Public Cultural Organisations, Beneficiaries of Investment in Cultural

Organisations & the Gozo Cultural Support Programme, Festivals, Public Entities, Associations & Organisations, Lobby Groups, Cultural

Operators (Management, Education, Communities), Beneficiaries of the Malta Arts Fund Special Call, and Participants of the ACMlab

Special Series & Arts Reboot Series.


Session Outcomes:

The following suggestions and/or solutions for the Cultural and Creative Sectors were outlined and shared by sector stakeholders during the Advisory Group session:

  • Experimentation is encouraged at this time, particularly in terms of finding ways to keep in touch with one’s audiences and to expand awareness of one’s projects and/or initiatives.


  • The creation, development and implementation of digital strategies and/or formats should be taken up as a primary plan (as opposed to an afterthought) so as to enable environments that encourage aspirations towards quality. 


  • Audience fatigue is expected as a result of the saturation of the internet with recorded and/or online performances; artists are encouraged to explore new collaborations which could lead to the creation of more engaging content.


  • Smaller, modular events as well as promenade setups are considered the most suitable formats in the present context; larger events still appear to be problematic given the current restrictions. The support of producers and venues is to be sought to enable longer runs of events for a more sustainable landscape, and the exploration of non-conventional presentation spaces is encouraged. 


  • There is a growing potential for the gamification of the arts and development of arts-centred platforms, which will require training and investment in order to come to fruition.