Advisory & Consultation Phase:

Disciplines Working Unit [Group B]

Focal Points: Audiences & Collaborators


6th October 2020



Elaine Falzon





Denise Mulholland


Daniela Blagojevic

* The Advisory Group is made up of representatives from Public Cultural Organisations, Beneficiaries of Investment in Cultural

Organisations & the Gozo Cultural Support Programme, Festivals, Public Entities, Associations & Organisations, Lobby Groups, Cultural

Operators (Management, Education, Communities), Beneficiaries of the Malta Arts Fund Special Call, and Participants of the ACMlab

Special Series & Arts Reboot Series.


Session Outcomes:

The following suggestions and/or solutions for the Cultural and Creative Sectors were outlined and shared by sector stakeholders during the Advisory Group session:

● At this difficult time, more creatives are recognising the power of community and how theatres can evolve into social hubs which reflect the needs and concerns of people and communities. A platform for exchange and collaboration on working effectively with communities is needed.

● While some may still rely on the model of live performances and audience attendance, others are turning the crisis into an opportunity to transform their practice and find alternative models. This includes creating specific performances for niche audiences. Still, financial models remain

challenging for both traditional and innovative approaches, also when considering that creatives need to create safe spaces for their audiences.

● Recognition of arts courses is important to further encourage parents and students to engage with the arts. The results-driven nature of schools may restrict the potential to boost young people’s participation in cultural activities. However, schools can play a significant role in opening

up access to those children who would never be exposed to the arts.

● The current situation and slow-down may have created an opportunity for creatives to invest in training and upskilling. Having a space where artists can collaborate might be an essential investment.