Advisory & Consultation Phase:

Disciplines Working Unit [Group A]

Focal Points: Outreach & Sustainability


2nd September 2020   



Elaine Falzon





Margerita Pule’


Daniela Vella Blagovic


* The Advisory Group is made up of representatives from Public Cultural Organisations, Beneficiaries of Investment in Cultural Organisations & the Gozo Cultural Support Programme, Festivals, Public Entities, Associations & Organisations, Lobby Groups, Cultural Operators (Management, Education, Communities), Beneficiaries of the Malta Arts Fund Special Call, and Participants of the ACMlab Special Series & Arts Reboot Series.



Session Outcomes:


The following call-to-actions were outlined by sector stakeholders during the Advisory Group session further to a discussion on the challenges being faced by the Cultural and Creative Sectors:


  • The need to advocate and build partnerships within the sector and beyond, to avoid being faced with a gap as younger generations are discouraged from opting for creative careers.

  • The need for a stronger voice and awareness campaigns to convey the message that the arts are essential and relevant at all times.

  • The need for clear direction and sector-specific guidelines for arts education professionals in both the public and private sectors, as online provision cannot replace hands-on learning and studio practice. Different disciplines and settings necessitate different approaches and measures.

  • The need for students and parents to be encouraged to regain trust and financially incentivised to continue recognising the importance of arts education.

  • The need to offer transport to students living with vulnerable individuals, in order to enable them to get to educational institutions and to get training in a safe environment.

  • The need to acknowledge online as a tool but not as a solution, and for relative assistance in developing digital strategies as a part of the new modus operandi.

  • The need to assist artists both financially and strategically in order to find ways to sustain themselves and their practice in challenging times.