SECTOR SPECIFICAdvisory & Consultation Phase:

Events Working Unit [Group A]

Focal Points: Technical & Logistical Elements


1st September 2020   



Quinton Scerri





Ruben Zahra


Kit Azzopardi


* The Advisory Group is made up of representatives from Public Cultural Organisations, Beneficiaries of Investment in Cultural Organisations & the Gozo Cultural Support Programme, Festivals, Public Entities, Associations & Organisations, Lobby Groups, Cultural Operators (Management, Education, Communities), Beneficiaries of the Malta Arts Fund Special Call, and Participants of the ACMlab Special Series & Arts Reboot Series.



Session Outcomes:


The following call-to-actions were outlined by sector stakeholders during the Advisory Group session further to a discussion on the challenges being faced by the Cultural and Creative Sectors:


  • The need to boost audience confidence in the arts and in arts practitioners through campaigns, which in turn can regain audience trust in the sectors. The need to improve Malta’s international image should also be placed high on the agenda in this regard.

  • The need for financial assistance through subsidies, vouchers and specific funds (such as a digitalisation fund) to help mitigate the loss of jobs in the coming years.

  • The need for assistance with funding and renting suitable venues in which to host events, by means of waiving venue charges and assisting with added costs relating to insurance, health and safety, and ticketing systems.

  • The need for support from the broadcasting sector by means of allocated air-time to cultural events which have to be shifted online, in order to provide artists with other platforms besides the internet.

  • The need for clear health and safety guidelines for arts events to be updated and published promptly. This includes events for small audiences, on which many artists are dependent.

  • The need for a level playing field between the public and private sectors in events organised, particularly those events which are being offered to audiences free of charge thus creating increased competition for independent operators.

  • The need for public organisations to ensure that artists are covered by contracts and paid promptly, with contracts also taking into consideration and outlining the different COVID-19 scenarios and the relative action plans and flexibility required.