A COVID-19 Transition Arts Task Force has been set up by the Ministry for National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government in collaboration with Arts Council Malta. A successful transition in these circumstances demands to establish camaraderie networks, knowledge-sharing and support.


The Task Force will consist of the ‘Idea Generation and Knowledge-Sharing’ and the ‘Advisory and Consultation’ phases, with recommendations and potential solutions to be put forward through a collective effort for the devising of tangible outcomes in both the short and longer terms.

The ‘Advisory and Consultation’ phase will consist of three working units

(venues-based, events-based, and disciplines-based), which further split up into three smaller working groups tackling different focal points.

Click below if you wish to contribute to either working unit as part of the ‘Idea Generation and Knowledge-Sharing’ phase


Focuses on indoor and outdoor creative and cultural spaces


Focuses on artistic disciplines including performing, visual and word arts


Focuses on different cultural and artistic happenings